Radio Meghna is moving forward for socio-economic development of local communities


Charfassion Upazilla is located in south of Bhola Island. Non-governmental organization COAST has been working tirelessly for last 18 years for the socio-economic development poor, vulnerable, and disadvantaged people and providing various services as well as. Subsequently COAST Trust believes that the community radio is a great medium to reach the doorsteps services for awareness, habit-change, entertainment and contemporary information to the common people of community level. So COAST Trust has established Radio Meghna at Charfassion on February 18, 2015 with a lot of efforts, hopes and dreams. Similarly, the aim of Radio Meghna is participatory interactive radio program in the coastal marginal population as a whole aware of climate change and human rights, active citizenship and to build capacity to deal with disasters.[click here for full report]

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